An ID for Outreach Center in North Flint

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Students in Studio 205 were asked to create an expanded identity building upon one developed earlier. The North End Soup Kitchen had acquired a church that had closed down and they were expanding their services for the local needy by utilizing the church as both storage and outreach.

Mara Jevera Fulmer, Professor, Graphic Design
Mott Fine Arts Division
810 232 3431

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February 2, 2011
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Main Outreach Center Logo, designed by Ann Curtis with input from Studio 205 members.
Logo for portion of Outreach Center that provides free clothing & household goods to the public. Design by Ann Curtis & Studio 205.
Logo for part of Outreach Center that assists families with emergency clothing & housegold supplies in special cases. Design by Ann Curtis & Studio 205.
The Personal Needs & Linen Closet redesign. Design by Ann Curtis & Studio 205.
The stained glass is boarded over viewed from in the sanctuary of Sacred Heart Church. Goods await sorting for the new Outreach Center of the North End Soup Kitchen. Photo: M.J. Fulmer

The challenges was to keep it simple and consistent with the previous system, make use of symbols to help with less literate populations to easily understand, and make it possible to use the symbols alone or in combination with the main outreach center logo.


The students designed a series of clean simple graphics and type, and suggested some minor name changes to also reflect better what services were being offered. The results maintained a consistent style from previous work, and as a B&W graphic it is easily reproducible in all uses.