Soup Kitchen Volunteer Pride T-Shirt

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Initially meant to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of service by the North End Soup Kitchen, the designs turned into posters AND t-shirts that would be sold to volunteers and others who supported the NESK.

Mara Jevera Fulmer, Professor, Graphic Design
Mott Fine Arts Division
810 232 3431

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June 7, 2010
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Meant to look like soup splashed on a shirt, this design was created by Tierra Pope with assistance by Jay Rowland.
In homage to Milton Glaser, this version plays off the popular design but also adds in the word "volunteering" to help encourage others. By Tierra Pope with Studio 205 members.
Alphabet Soup spells out the obvious. By Tierra Pope with Studio 205 members.
This design was meant to grace the backs of the shirts produced during the 70th Anniversary year. By Tierra Pope with Studio 205 members.

The challenge was to create something a bit more light-hearted and something folks would actually want to wear that shared their pride and support of the goods works done by the NESK. The t-shirts had to be inexpensive to produce, too.


The students came up with a series of designs that were playful yet addressed the serious work being done. In 1 and 2/c designs, the t-shirts were a hit with longtime volunteers. And the poster versions adorned the walls of the cafeteria where their clients ate.