Skeeter's Starry Sky!

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Longway Planetarium in Flint is the largest in Michigan, and 1 of only a few in the nation its size. While the main projection was updated to a Digistar 2, about 15 years ago, they depend heavily on 63 slide projectors that are synchronized to project around the dome and across the projected sky. Unfortunately, since the "death" of 35 mm slides, there have been almost no new children's shows produced for that type of system and the planetarium's astronomer, Richard Walker, was anxious to have a new children's show created. By collaborating with Studio 205, characters for a whole new show could be developed. It will premier in January 2011.

Mara Jevera Fulmer, Professor, Graphic Design
Mott Fine Arts Division
810 232 3431

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June 15, 2010
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Skeeter Scarecrow gets off his post to explain the starry sky. Illustration by Ann Curtis, Studio 205.
Variations on Skeeter and his seasonal wardrobe. Illustration by Ann Curtis, Studio 205.
A crow and cornstalk "characters" that are introduced in the story. Illustrations by Sparkle Anderson.
Four seasons of cornfields that would be spread about the rim of the dome. Illustrations by Terra Lockhart, High School dual enrollee/mentee.
Sun & Moon characters (challenge - to keep the character of the moon against a black sky). Illustrations by Brandon Weathersby, High School dual enrollee/mentee.

Produce the main character - Skeeter Scarecrow - and his surroundings in different poses and seasons to go along with the script provided. Draw these in bright colors and prepare for their projection with a totally black sky.


Students developed a variety of character possibilities for Skeeter and eventually elements from some were used for the final version. New characters were developed in the "Sun", "Moon", a Crow, and even corn stalks, along with seasonal backgrounds that would be projected through repetition around the rim of the dome.