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ECODE project

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ECODE aims to inform consumers and aid socially responsible shoppers by providing a clear and consistent graphic code for product labels. With the current proliferation and confusing mix of advertising and product information, consumers do not have the time or relevant expertise to navigate packaging for facts that are pertinent to their concerns. Whether motivated by social responsibility or health concerns, shoppers need clearly recognizable guidelines to help in forming their decisions. ECODE is a prototype labeling system that simplifies and clarifies product information. Course: Graphic Design and Sustainability Instructor: Phil Hamlett

Shihwen Wang

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June 18, 2013
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The iPhone app allows consumers to retrieve detailed information by simply scanning the barcode of the product.
ECODE labels on the jeans tags
ECODE label
A demonstration of the ECODE process replacing existing labels

There are currently over 300 ecolabels worldwide. They lack consistency visually, and memorizing this many icons can be a burden for consumers. Companies may find it challenging as well to select an ecolabel that can best advertise their responsible conduct with so many certification programs available.


ECODE unifies the current ecolabel standards and set the highest industry standards. Products with ECODE labels are guaranteed to be manufactured in a responsible way. Complex product information are transformed into simple graphics, which will effectively help consumers to make informed and conscious purchasing decisions.

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