Crossing Borders

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Crossing Borders is an organization with a dual mission; we bring design services to those who cannot normally afford them and provide students at the USC School of Architecture an opportunity to construct real-world structures. As a student organization at the University of Southern California we are run by USC students working in tandem with Border Angels, a not-for-profit group working to prevent migrant deaths in Imperial Valley. In all our projects we are dedicated to raising awareness about the social, political and architectural issues affecting the greater Los Angeles area through the construction of humanitarian projects.

David Villela

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June 18, 2013
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Students Construct the First Prototype.
All of Crossing Border's Ongoing Projects
Steps 7-12 of Water Station Construction
Steps 1-6 of Water Station Construction

Every year hundreds of migrants die attempting to cross the US/Mexico border. Crossing Borders intends to prevent unnecessary migrant deaths in the Mexicali/Calexico desert while simultaneously raising awareness about these deaths at the University of Southern California.


Crossing Borders will create a network of life-saving way-stations for migrants crossing the desert that will provide much needed shade and water in the region's harsh desert. During construction we will record and retell volunteer stories at a school exhibition to personalize an issue which has become largely dehumanized.