"Create! Don't Hate." Baltimore

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Create! Don't Hate. is a mentoring program for high school students in the Baltimore area in partnership with Design Ignites Change and AIGA Baltimore. Graphic designers were matched up with students interested in visual arts from Patapsco and Patterson high schools. The groups worked together to create posters that later on could become billboards throughout the city.
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February 2, 2011
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A billboard, on location in Baltimore
Two of the Create! Don't Hate. billboard designs
A group of people at the Create! Don't Hate. reception held in the spring of 2010.
Boards mounted for display at the Create! Don't Hate. reception held in the spring of 2010.
A group of Create! Don't Hate. participants pose for the pictures from the event held in the spring of 2010.

This was a great experience for students and many worked on expressing their point about environment using the format of a billboard.


The four week program matched students and mentors meeting once a week. The billboard designs were based on a variety of topics such as: stop crime, domestic violence, love your city, stop vandalism in the streets, don’t trash your city, and much more. The experience showed students the work of a career in media art.