IOBY Video Storytelling Toolkit

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IOBY, or In Our Backyards, is a micro-funding website that helps finance small, local projects in the city of New York. IOBY is able to create a unique experience for funders looking to support projects by offering people the chance to not only donate their money but their time as well. Each project is created by local community members who have an opportunity to ask their community for help through the website. These projects are then funded and nurtured by other community members creating a model that makes every person a neighbor in the giant backyard that is New York City.

Matt Johnson & David Mierke
Matt Johnson's Website

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June 18, 2013
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IOBY provides micro-funding exclusively at the local level in New York City.
The storytelling kit has approachability as a top priority so that it can appeal to a wide range of users with varying levels of experience in shooting video content.
Designed like a carefully constructed gift box, the storytelling kit demands care and instills confidence.
Embedded in the the Flip camera are two short videos, the first is an example of a completed project story.
The second video on the camera is the same story with a voice over which takes the person shooting the video through the storytelling process, gives helpful tips, and encourages enthusiasm.

Soliciting funds for a project often relies on the telling of a compelling video story by the organization seeking funding on the IOBY website. How do you get these organizations - which often have no video experience - to create self-generated video content that can be easily edited by IOBY - to tell these stories?


The IOBY video toolkit is a self-contained resource for organizations to tell their stories. Included in the toolkit is an easy-to-use Flip video camera, instructions, and a step-by-step outline of scenes to be shot. Graphic elements provided in the kit provide structure and unify all of the videos on the IOBY site.