"Create! Don't Hate." Portland, OR

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Michael Etter and re:active have put up the first of the tolerance themed billboards around Portland, OR. with a great illustrative, type expression about the theme. This project is a collaboration between youth mentoring and education organizations; re:active, AIGA Portland, Caldera Arts, p:ear, and Open Meadow. The local designers involved come from: Cary Design Group – Laura Cary; Makelike – Mary Kysar and Topher Sinkinson; Nike – Courtney Clingan; Obsessive Consumption – Kate Bingaman; Plazm – Joshua Berger; Pop Art – Dave Selden. There will be four more coming soon!

Michael Etter
Michael Etter
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May 30, 2013
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Patrick Prom, student designer, 16 and design mentor Kate Bingaman-Burt at the gallery show to present the billboards.
Designers and students meet for the first "speed dating" get-to-know-you session. Five billboards will be going up in Portland.
Patrick and Kate are what this is all about. They had a blast handling a heavy topic.
the artwork in full!

The challenge was to create a billboard that communicated something interesting about Tolerance. Patrick and Kate spent a lot of time looking through magazines and books and just thinking about what it meant to them. Through the process they sketched probably hundreds of words and came up with a lot of different ideas.


They arrived at this since it was about the two sides of tolerance. The two sides are portrayed as angry tigers (with colors that could be taken to represent many divisions from politics to gangs) and they entitled it "the conversation". It leaves a lot for the viewer to bring to the piece and definitely makes you look!