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Rosedale,Kansas is considered a food desert and is not within walking distance to any reliable food sources. Many of the residents of Rosedale have no reliable access to transportation,and the public transportation is nonexistent. The only means for gaining access to food is to either travel outside of Rosedale or eat at a fast food restaurant. Rosedale Fresh is a mobile market designed to get fresh food into the community of Rosedale by practically delivering it to their doorsteps. It will work by serving those who have very limited or no access to healthy food choices. With Rosedale Fresh mobile market,Rosedale gets a fresh start.

Sean Shockley
816 244 1705

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April 17, 2012
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The Rosedale Fresh Uniform and logo
The actual mobile vehicle with vinyl graphics applied.
letter, location/ info card
The complete Business suite as it works together.

The challenge is to get healthier food choices into a community which has little access to them. The goal is to start good, healthy eating habits by making fresh healthy food an easy reliable option. There needs to be a raised awareness of these food options and they should also be readily available within the community.


With Rosedale Fresh the awareness of healthy food choices would grow. The popularity of the local farmers market could continue through the off season and allow the the community access to these types of foods within their community each and every week, helping raise more awareness about the ease of healthy eating habits