Shop local. Eat healthy.

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The Rosedale Healthy Kids Initiative approached our class at the KCAI & asked us to help them battle the astounding child obesity rate within the area. We decided that since it's a food desert, the farmers market is one of the only sources of fresh produce within the area, and parents aren't currently taking advantage of the resource (either due to a lack of knowledge about what goods are available on a weekly basis, or else they don't know the market even exists). To solve the problem, we have designed a set of signs that can direct traffic & attention to the market and provide a list of 4 items available at the market any day it's open.

Abby Gallagher
636 219 9277

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April 17, 2012
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Sign mock-up in context. The front panel showcases the interchangeable magnetic produce icons and the modular square directional arrow (that can change orientation based on the location of the sign).
The back panel shows the market's logo and our tag line: Shop local. Eat healthy. The tag line speaks to the locality of all the produce sold at the market and the positive aspect of eating healthy.

Rosedale is a food desert, meaning there are no grocery stores. The primary meal sources are fast food restaurants and corner stores that specialize in preprocessed meals & typically lack fresh produce). Not many people in the area realize how great a resource the Farmers Market is, and that's if they know it exists at all


The 5 aluminum signs we make will each come with 49 magnets. 48 magnets will each depict one good commonly sold at the market that can easily be changed out on a day by day basis, so people always know what to expect. The signs will also come with a directional arrow that can change orientation based on the sign's location.