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I need a sidewalk!

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This project is the development of a campaign, aimed at a section of road without sidewalk in Kansas City. The area has a beautiful park for everyone to enjoy but there is no sidewalk or crosswalk for children to get to there from neighboring apartments and houses across the street. The public must navigate four lanes of fast moving traffic while crossing the road, walking to school or going to the grocery store. Amanda, Tom and Tammy have been prototyping various solutions to raise awareness and put pressure on the city. The public have been using the prototypes, giving feedback and input and in turn helping to raise the awareness level.

Tom Morse-Brown, Amanda Laffoon & Tammy Shell
i need a sidewalk
816 377 3517

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June 18, 2013
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This video has been removed.
The promotional ineedasidewalk video, used to generate awareness of the problem. The video will be circulated around the city using Youtube and Vimeo driving traffic to the website.
Billboard driving traffic to the website, placed on highway I35 adjacent to the park.
Using the website users will be able to click an empty area to claim their part in the campaign.
Claiming an area on the website means filling out a digital comment card and adding other images they may have of needed sidewalks where they live.
Three different button designs utilizing the brand icon system developed for the sidewalk campaign.

The challenge was to see how graphic design can not only create awareness of the lack of sidewalks, both at a local level and a city level, but then advocate for the public, campaigning to get the problem fixed by putting pressure on the city.


Create a campaign and put in the hands of the public. The billboard and buttons drive traffic to the website where users can own a part of the project and leave comments about their difficulties without sidewalks; the video and press release create further awareness utlizing the internet and local TV.