Recreate: Play in Rosedale

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This project is in partnership with the Healthy Kids Initiative in the community of Rosedale in Kansas City, Kansas. From the outset the goal was to help improve aspects of the community ranging from childhood obesity, overall safety, and transportation, to developing a sense of community within the forgotten community of Rosedale. The project entails discovering and problem-solving innovative ways to engage the community and lends itself to be very people-centered design. Interacting with the members of Rosedale firsthand has provided for a highly tailored design solution.

Luke Babb
KCAI Process Blog
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April 17, 2012
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Similar to the individual artifact, the proposed installation inspires creative and imaginative interactivity providing for endless activities in an open, green space.
The concept revolves around 3 guidelines; equipment, actions, and objectives, which provide the kids with a self-created foundation for play in which they evolve into their very own game or activity.
The back of the artifact consists of the overall branding to further a sense of community, as well as, easy to follow steps on how this piece works. Emphasizing a creative, 'sky's the limit' mentality
The easy to follow steps inspire creativity within their loose guidelines through their playful, thought provoking language.

How can graphic design further facilitate the foundation of sports in Rosedale in such a way that focuses on kids being active within their community and captures those both normally active and inactive in physical activities. The direct result of this will not only be improved physical as well as community pride.


A system that engages the kids on an academic and athletic levels, brought back to the essence of sports; play. The idea is to provide the kids with loose guidelines in which they create their own sports/games. It also provides for play to happen in nearly any environment thus getting families out in the Rosedale community.