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When a member of the Rosedale Community is asked, "Where do you live?", most of the residents wouldn't respond with "Rosedale". Usually those who can't answer are renting their home, and are highly nomadic. They aren't willing to devote enough time to get to know their surrounding community. We are making it easier by highlighting places where one can learn, play, eat, worship, and be healthy in Rosedale. This project is about getting to know the community of Rosedale, and its many usable resources. Any new member of the community will easily be able to discover and explore the city of Rosedale with a new sense of community pride.

Andrea Morris & Lance Flores
816 383 1990

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April 17, 2012
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Getting to know the community of Rosedale is made simple with these handy informational booklets.
The Booklets would be mailed directly to new residents in Rosedale.
In this booklet, all of the places where the community member can get healthy will be marked on the map. Information will easily be displayed to make contacting that business easy and efficient.
Window clings will be placed all around the community. They will be on the businesses, schools, churches, markets, and health care facilities that are specified in the informational booklets.
The street banners will sprinkle down the main street in Rosedale.

Rosedale isn't well known, even to some of its current residents, and we want to put it on the map. We then came up with this question: how can graphic design help give Rosedale distinct boundaries and a greater sense of community pride?


Our solution is a campaign that begins with an informational booklet, the booklet will be directly sent to new & current residents of the community through the mail. The second and third part of the campaign are street banners and window clings that are meant to educate residents & the commuters of Rosedale alike.