Todays Reader, Tomorrows Leader

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Children in the Rosedale Community don't have an outlet to harvest their imaginative ideas or have a formal library that acts as a safe haven to foster creativity. This activity book & journal set is a confidence builder and motivation planner, for kids to have a personal/internal outlet as well as an external voice to project their creative ideas and future abilities to the community and world. This paper vehicle is partnered with a digital twin, a blog, that is monitored by a teacher. This literary hub is where children can upload similar content to share their creative ideas and ambitious dreams with classmates, family & friends.

Micah Barta & Johnna Pasch
816 383 4513

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May 30, 2013
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Inspirational Quote on Spread
Library Promotional Poster to get kids on the blog and share!
Make your own reading owl/blog avatar activity sheet... Kids Loved it!
Blog/nest where all the little owls can upload their creative content.
Activity spread asking kids how they define success and to trust their creative ideas.

Getting kids excited about reading as an outlet for their creativity is no easy task. The children in the Rosedale community have few literary assets, but so much imagination trapped with no outlet. The lack of literary content is developmental & critical to providing the ability for kids to want ambitious futures & dreams.


Rosedale Readers provides kids with a personal voice to what they truly want, and exercises their creative abilities. With this activity book & journal, kids can document their imaginative ideas and share them with others to build their own creative network which acts as the safe/creative haven that they were looking for.