Rubble to Real Estate

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There are always communities coping with the aftermath of natural disasters – from flooding and hurricanes to earthquakes and forest fires. In most cases, residents of these places come together to rebuild what was lost, but the financial and ecological costs are high. The 'Rubble to Real Estate' project offers an alternative response to disaster recovery. It aims to promote and facilitate the salvage of building materials for use in the reconstruction of affected communities. By partnering with insurance companies and relief organizations, this initiative provides assistance to property owners and volunteers through local professionals.

Andrew Bell

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June 18, 2013
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Road Map to Reuse

While tax dollars pour into ravaged towns to stabilize them, countless tons of building debris are wantonly discarded. As a local example, the devastating floods of 2008 in Iowa cost the state and federal governments $1.3 billion and caused the removal of 166,680 tons of debris according to the Rebuild Iowa Office.


By tapping the social capital of communities, this program seeks to reduce both the economic burden and waste stream which follow natural disasters. Encouraging the practice of conservation in tandem with rebuilding efforts creates a dialog about environmental issues - helping citizens build a smarter future for themselves.