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Community Courtyard for Newbern, AL

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Located in the town of Newbern, Hale County, in the Black Belt region, the project focuses on a basic need: a gathering place for community. It is the center of a larger project, and will be the connector between the Newbern Volunteer Fire Department and the new Town Hall. The project was conceived and designed in the context of Newbern. We worked with the town government, fire department, and other individuals to gain insight and understand their visions for Newbern. The implementation will follow a series of full scale mock-ups and will be done by four, fifth year architecture students under the advisory of Auburn University Rural Studio.

David Frazier
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May 30, 2013
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A view looking south of downtown Newbern and the proposed site of the courtyard which will take advantage of the existing oak and pecan trees.
Site Plan of downtown Newbern, Alabama showing building locations and proposed project site.
Many architectural elements will be used to create the community courtyard.
Perspective of the courtyard, showing the proposed town hall, crused stone courtyard, barbecue pit and chimney, and expanded metal screen covered in native vines.
Perspective of the courtyard and view of downtown. The historic downtown still serves as the heart of the community. The courtyard will enhance this area.

The challenge is to provide a place for social interaction among disparate community groups. It should promote community involvement which will strengthen the spirit of the people and the pride of place. The design is dynamic and celebrates the culture of large outdoor gatherings.


The solution is a courtyard in Newbern which will take advantage of proximity to the public buildings and a landscape of mature hardwood trees. The green wall will showcase native plants, the barbecue pit and fireplace will facilitate community fellowship, and the crushed stone courtyard will be the hub of all activity.