Oakmulgee Forestworks

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Oakmulgee Forestworks is a community-oriented campaign centered around the Oakmulgee Ranger District of Alabama's Talladega National Forest. Located in the heart of the Black Belt region, the Oakmulgee Ranger District is spread over six counties that suffer from poverty and a lack of community development. In April of 2010, four of our team members were able to travel down to Alabama to speak with embedded leaders and experience the forest and the surrounding area through the eyes of a first-time visitor.

Ken Zinser

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June 18, 2013
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Home page of the Oakmulgee Forestworks website where users can learn more about the forest, view points of interest on the Discover Oakmulgee driving tour and share their photos and experiences.
Mockup of large signage to be displayed in the windows of local business and vacant storefronts.
Mockup of tree stencil used to indicate a point on the Discover Oakmulgee driving tour.
Members of the Oakmulgee Forestworks team meet with Cindy Ragland, National Forest Ranger, to discuss design development.
A view of Payne Lake from the Nature Trail in the Oakmulgee Ranger District.

The main goal of Oakmulgee Forestworks is to raise awareness and generate interest in the forest through the development of the Discover Oakmulgee driving tour. By partnering with Albama Innovation Engine, we can direct this energy to other points of interest in the area and revitalize the community as a whole.


Through a combination of print and digital collateral, Oakmulgee Forestworks will raise awareness of the Oakmulgee, provide multiple opportunities for recreation (beginning with the Discover Oakmulgee driving tour), and create a self-sustaining community invested in the future of the forest and the future of the community.