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The Grand Assembly

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The Grand Assembly is a curated online community showcasing a generation of 60 and older creatives to a wider audience through their craft and life stories told in the form of individual video portraits. This multimedia web platform is built as a stage for their work, empowering them to become entrepreneurs with the ability to sell, be commissioned or teach. The Grand Assembly seeks to bridge this generation to younger generations so that a healthier perception of aging is promoted in our society. It is a social network powered by the stories of its community and made economically sustainable by their work.

Lillian Lee

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June 18, 2013
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This video has been removed.
A promotional spot featuring the community's members.
The beta community will feature Alexa Grace, 63, Miniatures Artist; Marty Spielman, 71, Ketubah Artist; and June Terry, 80, Fabric Artist.
The homepage of features a different creative every few weeks, highlights new work posted to the site and is the jumping off point to a shop and a blog on creativity and aging.
Promotional postcards serve as a call-to-action for the receiver to reach out to a grand person in their life. It will be distributed at craft related venues, leading people to
This video has been removed.
A video portrait of June Terry, who talks about growing up and why she has been making things her whole life.

Society tends to focus on the endeavors of the younger generations, while not engaging the generations that came before. We are in a longevity revolution with people living longer lives. It is necessary to create social relevance for older generations since it impacts both the social and economic well-being of society.


The Grand Assembly presents an intimate look at the life and work of older creatives via individual videos, profiles, and projects online. Accessibility to their work and stories is a primary goal, with the hopes of bringing to them incremental income over time. Along the way, we also hope to change the perception of aging.