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Nudge is an online platform that allows care providers to schedule and send follow-up communications via text message. Nudge better connects patients to their care and encourages adherence to medical treatments. Partners Christina Tran and Ryan Hubbard started Nudge during Austin Center for Design’s interaction design and social entrepreneurship program. There they researched the relationship between case managers and their patients and designed ways to improve communication. They built and tested a prototype of Nudge during school and are now looking to implement a more robust version with community health organizations in Austin, TX.

Christina Tran & Ryan Hubbard

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June 18, 2013
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Patients receive great care while at the doctor's office, but they're on their own for the hard work of recovery in between appointments.
Follow-up communications from care providers supports an increase in adherence to treatment plans.
Nudge extends care beyond face-to-face meetings and encourages adherence between appointments.
While patients receive messages on their cell phone without any set-up, care providers can manage messages online at
Nudge can aid better care in a variety of situations--such as medication reminders, outpatient surgery follow-up, and longterm disease management.

Once patients leave their doctor’s office, they’re on their own for the hard work of getting better. This results in 50% of patients failing to follow their treatment plans. The problem is compounded in low-income, high-risk populations by lower health-IQs and less access to technology.


Nudge interacts with patients via text message, a familiar accessible medium. Care providers schedule and send these messages from Nudge’s web interface. Just as a doctor sets a treatment plan for patients, they can now also set a plan of reminders and check-ins connecting patients to their care between appointments.