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Foodstalk, a multi-platform event, provides a way for people to come together and talk about locally grown food in NYC. Foodstalk functions as a resource online, to help people find locally grown food, artisanal food makers and restaurants that use local ingredients. Foodstalk aims to promote the business of local food makers through small events where they can share their stories and put a face to the farmers behind the food. Foodstalk hopes to engage people’s interest in knowing about the food they eat, the land from which it comes and the people that grow it through campaigns which live on the streets and the internet.

Tyler Mintz
Foodstalk Website
978 821 4876

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June 18, 2013
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This video has been removed.
"A Tale of Two Apples," a short video exploring the stories of two apples - one from New Zealand and one from Hudson Valley, NY. The average distance food from a grocery store travels is 1,500 miles!
What's in Season NY? A growing season calendar and information graphic explaining what is is peak season within a 200 mile radius of NYC. The poster is a giveaway at all Foodstalk events.
Campaign poster using empathy and storytelling to connect with people on an emotional level.
Information graphic from the “start cooking” section of - recipes are broken down to the exact origin of each ingredient. The miles are added up and compared to conventional food.
Beta testing event!

Ultimately, Foodstalk wants people to understand the importance and value of locally grown food. Foodstalk challenges individuals to question the origins of what they eat. Foodstalk does not encourage any dramatic behavioral changes, it promotes baby steps to a more local diet. After all, eating food should be fun!


Foodstalk uses multiple avenues to reach people: the Internet, the streets of New York City and through a series of small, intimate events. Foodstalk aims to help individuals become more conscious of their foods’ origins. Foodstalk wants to make it as easy as possible to eat locally grown food in NYC. Sharing not preaching!