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Blank Plate

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Blank Plate is a experimental workshop that aims to inspire Hunts Point teens, encouraging them to make new connections with their community and transforming their relationship to food through creative culinary experiences. A collaboration between key players in various fields, the workshop is part of a flow through Hunts Point’s food ecosystem with the potential to create a ripple effect of transformation in the neighborhood. The project coordinates with several other food and education initiatives in the South Bronx with the goal of cultivating a food-centric community in an area currently challenged with issues of food justice.

Mai Kobori
551 580 0676

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June 18, 2013
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With our project, we are looking to bring creative culinary workshops that inspire and transform Hunts Point teens through new relationships with food.
Hunts Point has the potential to become a hub of urban food culture and expertise. We have identified channel that can create this ripple effect: funding > organization > program > agents of change.
The potential funding sources we found are mapped to identify connections and find opportunities—creating both a tool for planning our program, and also a blueprint for the community to expand upon.
The kitchen is a natural magnet for social gatherings and interaction. In our program, food is used as a platform to engage with people in new ways and experimenting to discover new ideas.

Hunt’s Point, NY, is a food desert, a title bestowed to places that lack healthy food options. They are instead saturated with high-fat and high-sugar food options; offering cheap belly fixes for low-income consumers. How might we create a space where teens can take initiative to change this current situation?


We are designing a comprehensive system that unites these three key strategies: Partnerships to form a long-term commitment between community, research, and industry; Community Outreach - the program’s events will attract donors, media and other supporters; Skills Development prepares teens to become culinary visionaries.