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The Sow initiative promotes sustainability and provides resources for the Bailey Alternative High School greenhouse, which benefits students and the local Springfield, Missouri community. Missouri State University Graphic Design students and Bailey Alternative High School students created a booklet to guide the students in revitalizing the greenhouse. We also created packaging for the produce to be sold or donated. One goal is to create more awareness and a positive image of the Bailey school throughout the area. Our purpose is to promote healthier, more sustainable lifestyles among students as well as the Springfield population.

Kaitlan Martin

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June 18, 2013
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The packaging identity for Bailey Alternative High School’s greenhouse produce.
A two-page spread of the greenhouse guide booklet. This page gives students information on the specific herbs to grow.
The greenhouse guide, printed and saddle-stitched. One copy stays in the plant science classroom, the other stays in the greenhouse.
The Bailey Alternative High School greenhouse.
The Missouri State University and Bailey Alternative High School students who collaborated on the Sow initiative.

The typical high school student is unaware of the advantages of cultivating and consuming fresh produce. The Bailey school has their own abandoned greenhouse that we desired to revitalize to its full potential. The school’s image and reputation also needed to be clarified and improved in the community.


The Sow initiative guides students through the gardening process of their greenhouse to engage them in new entrepreneurial, health, and educational skills. The packaging identity creates awareness of the Bailey school when produce is sold or donated to people in need and farmer’s markets. Sow grows community and confidence.