Blind Spot: Advocate for Access

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A collaboration between Metropolitan State College of Denver Communication Design students and participants from Colorado Center for the Blind, we believe that accessibility for people who are blind is a human right. Blind Spot spreads accessibility awareness through a multi-modal visual and tactile campaign that promotes dialogue and discussion through design. Championed by people who are blind, graphics called "spots" direct attention to environmental, communication and technology obstacles that are not fully accessible and serve as a call to action to visit an integrated website—a source for education, advocacy and empowerment.
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June 18, 2013
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Tactile "spot" graphic brings about awareness of accessibility concerns and directs to the website for more information:
Students presenting the campaign to Colorado Center participants in a public urban setting in Littleton, Colorado
Colorado Center for the Blind participant supporting the campaign during the public presentation and interacting with a Braille imprinted postcard design.

The goal of the Blind Spot campaign is to stimulate interaction between blind and sighted communities for the purpose of advocating equal access to communication and information within our mutual, shared and designed environments. The challenge includes educating a diverse group of constituents.


The solution includes a yet-to-be-launched website ( that documents accessibility and inaccessible features, serving to educate government officials, business owners and the public. The site is supported by a robust advocacy campaign that highlights awareness in the urban landscape and promotes dialogue.