Harvested in Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe is a neighborhood in downtown Kansas City of approximately 7,000 people. It is a food desert, causing resident to take two bus rides to go to the grocery store. There is also the growing problem with obesity in children, as well as poor nutrition. Many of the residents are in food stamp programs, so most have little money to spend on fresh produce. The community center has started an urban demonstration garden. After the produce are harvested from to demonstration garden they set out the fruit or vegetable for free. The goal was for them to encourage the residents to do their own gardening at home

Janna Johnsrud
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November 7, 2012
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From the community garden, they offer the produce for free at the community center. The tag will be attached to each produce.
Inside the attached tag will be a history of how this vegetable was created. To give a personal touch it will include when it was planted, how long it took to grow, and what nutrition it has to offer
The second tags that can take would be what they can grow that season and how to take care of it for the next season
They can also recycle the tags for their own garden. This will help them keep track of what is being planted.
On the back of every tag will be "Harvested in Ivanhoe" this will help to give the community pride in planting their own vegetables.

The community is not taking the initiative to grow their own produce. Many people in this community are illiterate and do not know how to grow fresh produce. Pride within this community is lower, children don't have anything to do and desire something to but want something to be proud of.


To create an informative system of home gardening. Creating different tags informing the resident about gardening. The fitags will be about what was just planted, and some tags will be about what they can plant for the up coming season. These tags will be a series based on the different seasons.