Strengthening Ivanhoe

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Strengthening Ivanhoe, an identity and media system that informs residents of Ivanhoe neighborhood news and keeping track of events. Ivanhoe, a community with a population of 7,000. It is composed of young kids, single mothers and a large elderly population. This community has endured many hardships: loosing schools, drug and gang activity. Even though as a community they have dealt with a lot, they have not lost their pride, making into a thriving community. Recently, Ivanhoe is experiencing a revival and therefore more events have been created to engage the community to participate. Current efforts used by the community to spread the news.

Julie Sikonski
417 299 3081

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November 7, 2012
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The signature of the new identity system for Ivanhoe, A Thriving Community!
The front cover of Ivanhoe's proposed updated neighborhood newsletter. This would be published at least 6 times a year.
The newsletter would be split up into eight sections: Good News, UMB Bank, Safety, Health, Family, and Calendar. The spreads would be bold, eye catching, and easy to read and take in.
The last spread of Ivanhoe's proposed updated newsletter would always be a large-format calendar. It would be a place to help Ivanhoe residents to keep track of their lives and everything going on it.
The Ivanhoe Council cares deeply about the Ivanhoe neighborhood. These cards would be sent out thanking Ivanhoe residents who have volunteered their time to the neighborhood, and for holidays.

The challenge is to reignite the positive energy that the Ivanhoe Community once had for their neighborhood. Great changes are being made to improve the community but the means of communication need to adapt the change. This also means finding means of distributing the information to the neighbors.


Rebranding the neighborhood to give the community and their surrounding neighbors, a sense of placement, who they are, and where they come from. We will also solve the communication problem by redesigning the newsletter in a sustainable way and adding more specific needed information.