Ivanhoe Drop and Swap

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Working with the Ivanhoe neighborhood council we have had the opportunity to discuss their involvement within the community and how it functions. The community of families in Ivanhoe were once closely knit, constantly socializing. But now there is little to convince neighbors to get out of their homes and interact. Each family tends to keep to themselves. Our area of focus is the material staples of life; Cloths, blankets, etc. The system is money-less, using point key tags as currency, and invites other individuals in the Ivanhoe community to interact and help one another. All while promoting the recycling of goods and green practices.

Loren Cook, Brandon Lyon, Raynaldo Alvarez
816 522 8213

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November 7, 2012
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This video has been removed.
Application of sidewalk stencils for the promotion of the an Ivanhoe Drop and Swap event, using spray chalk.
Drop and Swap hang tags used to label any and all items at the event. These are color coded to match the currency key tag colors, creating quick legibility and relatability to point values.
Drop and Swap point key tag currency. (Front and Back) The tags are made from plastic to promote sustainability, and durability. These tie in to the green values at the heart of the event.
Handouts introducing the Drop and Swap event, it's location and times, and what items are desired from the residents. These are portable and far more personal than flyers or pamphlets.
This is the stencil series used for promotion. As seen in the video, spray chalk is used for application. They are placed over each other to show the direction to the event, and has it's location.

The Ivanhoe community does not have any affordable, and convenient places to obtain items like books, clothes, toys, and furniture, in one place. Many of Ivanhoe’s residents rely on the bus system or walking for transportation, making it difficult to visit multiple locations and carry items from those stores.


Our proposal is a neighborhood “drop and swap” system. A drop and swap allows residents to “drop” their once needed items, and “swap” them with items they currently need. It’s a beneficial exchange that promotes recycling of clothing and other items within the community. It builds relationships and unity between residents.