LOTS of Love

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LOTS of love is a project initiated by a group of design students at the Kansas City Art Institute that is meant to be implemented in the Kansas City neighborhood of Ivanhoe. This project would occupy several of the vacant lots in Ivanhoe, of which there are many, and transform them into casual community spaces where residents in the neighborhood could gather for various activities. We would configure each lot to facilitate a different community activity, such as grilling area, outdoor movie viewing, kickball field, etc.

Kelsey Anderson

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November 7, 2012
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LOTS of love logo
Bench mock-up in context. Each bench would be made on-site out of cement. The cement makes them both sustainable and low-maintenance.
Map of Ivanhoe case-study lots. From the information collected, we can gauge the success of each lots and determine what activities residents prefer.
A digital rendering of possible signage used in each lot utilized in the LOTS of love system
An overhead view of how a lot could be utilized with seating

Ivanhoe is a neighborhood with several challenges at hand, including the the mass amount of vacant lots, the lack of local social gathering areas or local sources for entertainment, their want for more community-based activities, and the councils efforts at beautification.


LOTS of Love’s goal is to occupy and beautify vacant lots in Ivanhoe with sustainable custom-made furnishings, configured for specific community activities. These activated spaces will give residents a place to gather and spend time with each other, creating a more unified community and a safer, more welcoming environment.