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This project is directed toward the local community of Ivanhoe in Kansas City. Ivanhoe has been struggling with social issues such as crime, lack of educational facilities, and the lack of involvement of a strong and healthy community. This project is intended to retrieve meaningful and powerful messages from individuals of the community through a series of interactive posters. residents are invited to contribute message on the poster by filling in the box. These messages are then shared with the people of Ivanhoe through a special design artifact that uses both typography, and an audio-recorded voice that literally speaks to the community

Joseph Shopen
785 423 1111

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November 7, 2012
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These posters are place around the community in Ivanhoe. People are invited to write down any meaningful, powerful, simple, or important message that they have to share.
This sign holds the messages from the people of the Ivanhoe community. It can be placed on any public pole in the area. The device atop is the speaker that a passer by may hear.
(adding audio) This is the audio device that is ideely at least twelve feet off the ground, weather proof, and tamper proof. It SPEAKS OUT the message to the community.

The challenge is to send inspiring messages to the residents of the the Ivanhoe community. These messages are from the people of Ivanhoe, to the people of Ivanhoe. The idea is to ignite and inspire a reaction from community members. Through persistent and meaningful messages, a positive outlook may be provoked.


Messages are contributed down by any person in the community who is inspired to SPEAK OUT. A good message inspires insight—the more the better. Messages are then implemented onto the signage and posted throughout the area of Ivanhoe for all to see and hear. Each sign has a recorded voice that literally SPEAKS OUT.