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Kalimat is a media programme for the Arab region and diaspora, focusing on how design approaches to education can foster effective communication of ideas, allow open expression and enable social change to occur. With a focus on design and media production, we want to bring together students from various backgrounds to give them the opportunity to engage in collaborative design by gaining practical and theoretical experience to produce their own work that will positively impact their communities, and connect them and their work to other Arab creatives in the region and around the world.

Danah Abdulla
Kalimat Magazine
443 642 8984

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June 18, 2013
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Kalimat's motto is to "Challenge the Status Quo", which is what we want our project to initiate people to do.
Phase I of our project sees development of curricula for graphic design, media and sound. This wheel represents further fields of development.
A sample of the design courses and workshops we plan on offering in phase I of our project - covering the basics and emphasising social and collaborative design.
Current immersive practice and theory based workshops and courses proposed cover design (graphic), media (communication theory/graphics/video) and sound design.
Kalimat Magazine is an open outlet for political, social and cultural expression in the Arab region and amongst the diaspora: http://www.kalimatmagazine.com

The influence of design & media is ignored within education & the general public in the Arab region. How do you challenge a region to embrace new ways of thinking about design & media & demonstrate how these fields can build skills, engage with social issues & enable an overlooked population to share their stories globally?


We want bring together students, educators, professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses-anyone committed to education, collaboration and pursuing new solutions to problems. We have developed a rigorous practice/theory based curriculum for courses tackling design and media production to be implemented in the Arab region.