BMore Fit Teacher Toolkit

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The BMore Fit Teacher Toolkit is a deck of exercise cards and instructions for teachers to use in their classroom to keep students engaged. When teachers notice that students are losing focus, they can pull out their deck of cards and pause the class for "BMore Fit Time," five minutes of quick and fun exercises to reset classroom dynamics with relaxed and energized students. The toolkit is currently in development with students and teachers at Green Street Academy in Baltimore. The ultimate goal is to provide every teacher in Baltimore with the toolkit and training to use exercise as a tactic for classroom management and productivity.

Becky Slogeris
248 568 6214

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June 18, 2013
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In Baltimore City Public Schools today, students and teachers struggle with long class periods and strict curriculum. Lack of focus and disruptive classroom behavior make it difficult for teachers to teach and students to learn.


Research has found that brain activity and development are enhanced by physical exercise. Students pay better attention to their subjects and are less likely to be disruptive in class when they're active. The BMore Fit Teacher Toolkit aims help students focus in school and improve their academic performance.