Demolition Dictionary

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The Demolition Dictionary is an evidence-based visual tool to help communities better understand health precautions around demolitions in their neighborhoods. East Baltimore, home to MICA's Masters of Art in Social Design program, is the site of the nation's biggest urban renewal project. Less than a block away, East Baltimore Development Inc. is preparing to demolish seven acres of abandoned row homes to make way for a new community school. Working with our neighbors and consulting public health professionals, we designed communication materials to help us better understand health precautions and stay safe during the demolition.

Becky Slogeris & Kyla Fullenwider,
248 568 6214

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June 18, 2013
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As East Baltimore Development Inc. prepares to demolish seven acres of land to make way for a new community school, existing residents were left wondering what they should do to stay safe. While necessary for urban renewal, demolition can have serious health consequences, including exposure to lead.


As graphic designers and neighbors, we're using our professional skills to help keep our community safe during the demolition. We're leading community workgroups to discuss visual symbols and text that best communicate the effects of demolition and proper public health precautions.