WELCOME: Gentrification Offsetting

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WELCOME is a collaborative service that raises awareness about gentrification and fosters more inclusive forms of change in vulnerable urban communities. The service does not claim to eliminate gentrification but rather to reduce, or "offset," the residential dislocation and cultural dilution that can result from it. In the spirit of friendly competition, the service will encourage participants to be more sensitive to and supportive of their neighbors. The goal is not only to preserve the socio-economic and cultural diversity of their neighborhood, but also to cultivate new relationships and greater social cohesion between them.

Jacqueline Cooksey
917 679 9016

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June 18, 2013
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This is a service design project that raises awareness about the impact of gentrification and challenges residents to identify and reconsider their interactions within their community.
Around North Brooklyn the Welcome Wagon will be prompting residents to participate in determining their impact and offering alternatives on how to keep diversity strong within the neighborhood.
You can earn points by buying local goods and/or being a helpful hipster by skill sharing.
The exchange is simple. Once you've earned your points, logon online to redeemed and update your profile thus lessening your gentrification impact.
The website also acts as an online community and skill sharing platform where people can connect with other locals, view their footprint and offsetting progress and learn more about the program.

Gentrification is a paradoxical urban phenomenon wherein the improvement of living standards in a community results in the dislocation of low-income residents. When more affluent residents move into neighborhoods, they bring new economic and social realities that can exclude those who were living under previous conditions.


WELCOME will empower local communities to better comprehend and confront the effects of gentrification for themselves, rather than relying on city governments and housing developers with conflicted interests. The project will involve three main phases: gentrification indexing, footprinting, and offsetting.