Halal Hotdogs

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Halal Hotdogs is a collaborative effort between Brian Wiley, Mohamud Mumin, and Ahmed Hirsi. It was devised as a way to celebrate Somali culture and change its perception here in the Twin Cities by using food as a catalyst for community engagement and cultural acceptance. The project also serves as an opportunity to provide job skills and entrepreneurial development to young Somalis. Ultimately, we feel that food carts could create a source of sustainable income for newly-arrived Somali immigrants that may otherwise struggle to find meaningful work.

Brian Wiley
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June 18, 2013
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At the end of a long day at the Neighbors for Nations fundraiser, Karmel Mall, Minneapolis, MN. All Photos: Mohamud Mumin
The cart in action at Urban Sheesha for Ramadan, Columbia Heights, MN. The cart served gyros as well during Ramadan to test it's flexibility as a system for entrepreneurial development.
The full crew of supporters with Ahmed Hirsi (center, in white). Ahmed is a community organizer and partner in creating Halal Hotdogs.
This video has been removed.
A promotional video made by Mohamud Mumin with additional input/support by Halal Hotdogs team members and the community.

Create a culturally-sensitive solution to the problem of a general lack-of-knowledge about Somali culture in the Twin Cities, while at the same time generating a sustainable source of income for newly arrived Somali immigrants.


A system of for-profit food carts that is anchored by a non-profit food cart. The non-profit cart functions to train newly-arrived immigrants in business skills while paying a living wage. Once their training is complete, they'll have the option to buy their own cart though access to non-interest bearing loans.