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Turmoil, illness, and depravity tend to push positivity and collaboration aside in favor of selfishness—separating communities and dividing individuals. To combat this, together+ seeks to reinvigorate the spirit of ubuntu (or togetherness) through lessons of tolerance in the classroom. We provide educators resources they need to teach their pupils about acceptance. We currently focus on the stigma and division stemming from two of South Africa’s most pressing social challenges—xenophobia and HIV. Together+ is an initiative of the University of Notre Dame, the Kgosi Neighbourhood Foundation, and Pellegrino Collaborative.
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July 22, 2014
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Together+ unites communities in South Africa through the education system. Current efforts focus on the stigma resulting from xenophobia and HIV.
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Together+ video

HIV and xenophobia drive stigma in South Africa, which divides South African communities. Following the xenophobic attacks in May of 2008, persecution of refugees and migrants is common. More than 6,000,000 people are infected with HIV. Low scientific literacy creates confusion about the disease, and results in isolation.


Project components include two children’s books and corresponding suite of materials to be used in the classroom—one titled Blooming Together related to xenophobia and one titled Growing Together related to HIV. Additional materials include a welcome guide for refugees with info about the asylum process and legal rights.