Wisdom Tree

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The Wisdom Tree is a sculptural sign system designed to raise awareness of Community Gardens in Rosedale, Kansas. The design uses symbolism to create a sense of identity for the gardens, as well as encouraging dialogue. Rosedale has a very strong community currently working to reduce the obesity rate of their children. The Community Gardens are just one of their many efforts.

Palmer Conroy

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November 7, 2012
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Prototype Wisdom Tree in action.
Intended to draw the attention of passers-by, the sign would have plenty of room to answer their questions before they get the time to ask them.

How would one get passers-by to understand the purpose and process involved in each community garden? A major concern is increasing involvement. This is difficult because there are dozens of gardens, each with a different purpose for their food from summer-school meals to personal plots.


An eye-catching sign was designed which could display an array of information without being overwhelming or cluttered. The sign took the form of a tree, representing the distribution of knowledge and growth. Each sign would be painted by volunteers using site-specific information and colors, becoming a symbol of action