The Produce Pedaler

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The Produce Pedaler is a bike trailer that is used to pick up and deliver healthy food from local vendors who have leftover products. The Pedaler rides around giving the food out for free with flyers that point recipients to the local farmers market where they can procure more produce. I am working with the Kansas City Art Institute and Rosedale Development Association to increase community knowledge of healthy food options. With the feedback received from members of the community I have come up with an idea that increases access to healthy food, reduces waste, uses natural energy, and increases awareness of the farmers market.

Judah Wenger
507 382 7430

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November 7, 2012
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Mock up of actual cart
Advertising for back of trailer
Other possibilities for advertising on the cart
Presenting project and getting feedback from Rosedale Vendors

Rosedale is a food desert with little to no access to healthy food. Along with the lack of access to healthy food there is an abundance of junk food causing high obesity rates among children and adults. My goals are to create an access point for healthy food and to connect it to the preexisting sources in the community.


The Produce Pedaler is a bike trailer that would use leftover vegetables that are going to waste from the farmers market and bike around the neighborhood giving the food away. The bags of produce will have flyers with information about the farmers market where they can get more fresh vegetables.