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This project revolves around the idea of making walking to school more fun and attractive to kids so they may walk more often, and in turn get more exercise. There is a jaguar character who will be introduced in an animation shown to the kids. He will discuss the benefits of walking to school, while leaving his pawprints along the sidewalk. He then hides somewhere along the path, until he can be found. The kids can go outside and see the pawprints, and a model of the character will be hidden along the path that the kids can find as they walk to school, along with other activities along the way, such as hopscotch and tic-tac-toe to play.

Richard Konradt
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November 7, 2012
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After finding the panther, Jonathan decides to jump in the air with excitement after looking as hard as he could to find it.
Here, the kids have started on the path, searching for the jaguar character along the way. There were two paths, green and blue. They decided to start on green.
As they go along the paths, they encounter different games, which they need to complete to move on. The first they came across was tic tac toe.
Once the kids realized the panther was nowhere along the green path, they follow blue. Once again, they have come across a game along the way, which happens to be hopscotch.
Thinking that they have seen the panther along a separate paw print path, the kids begin running toward the prints.

About 51% of children in Rosedale are obese as opposed to about 16-33% in the U.S., and they need to be encouraged to be more healthy and to get more exercise. Very few children walk to school every day, most are driven to school by their parents, others are taking the bus.


I will be placing pawprint markings along the safe sidewalks, and placing different activities along the way, such as tic-tac-toe, and finding the jaguar character leaving the pawprints behind. The main point is to make walking to school more fun, so kids may do it more often, and get more exercise.