Rosedale, Hanging pride in the streets.

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Community pride is a very important aspect of every neighborhood. Pole banners don't only showcase pride, they also act as a community identifier. This project was started on the idea to improve the overall image of the community. Digging deeper, the real issue came down to a sense of showcasing pride. the goal of this project is to give a boost to the Rosedale community as a whole to create a better environment for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes it takes something as little as an inspiring visual to create something as great as a clean and enjoyable neighborhood.

Travis Carroll
913 706 0907

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November 7, 2012
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This image is from a trial run working with an after school group in which they are making banner design prototypes.
Another Trial Run image, check out that concentration!
Here is an example of a finished drawing from the Trial Run.
Mockup of a finalized banner hanging in the streets of Rosedale.

Since there is such a large portion of residents that are renters, there are Rosedalians who don't know that they ARE indeed Rosedalians! The biggest challenge with this project is going to be breaking through the barrier and raising awareness for the great town of Rosedale, and getting residents to showcase their pride.


I will be working with the community in a collaborative effort to create a series of pole banners to boost the overall image and raise the sense of pride in the neighborhood of Rosedale, Kansas. Through these banners residents can enjoy their neighborhood. Pride is a very important aspect of a strong healthy community