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The neighborhood of Rosedale, Kansas has a childhood obesity rate of 51% compared to 29% statewide (2010). Through an engaging informational booklet that communicates to diverse populations within the community of Rosedale, parents are given a narrative consisting of statistical data, visualizations, and textual information. This booklet educates and advocates for consumption of produce in hopes of raising the demand for healthy food in Rosedale. The goal is to inform parents about their influence on their children's lifestyle and dietary habits, because the foods that families decide to purchase directly effect health.

Keaton Reeder
319 389 3593

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November 7, 2012
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Through research on the issue of childhood obesity, it was clear that it's a national epidemic and complex problem that involves many variables such as parents, schools, exercise, access to grocery stores, and community groups among others. Rosedale is considered a food desert, meaning there isn't access to healthy food.


A booklet that informs parents about the epidemic of childhood obesity, it's prevalence in Rosedale, and how to prevent it. By giving parents information to make healthy choices and seek local resources, they are encouraged to increase their consumption of healthy food.