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As a creative professional working in Washington D.C., Laura Lin found it difficult to find ethically produced clothing appropriate for work. Unwilling to purchase clothing made in sweatshops, she created YasaShe, an online fashion boutique that offers clothing carefully selected from brands that are passionate about fashion forward design and committed to ethical business practices. Her mission is to to make shopping for ethical clothing easy and attractive for young professionals. The name Yasa She is derived from the Japanese word, “yasashii” meaning kind, gentle, feminine, good and low-impact, when paired with the word "environment."
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June 18, 2013
  • Trans
The name YasaShe is derived from the Japanese word, “yasashii” meaning kind, gentle, feminine, good and low-impact (on the environment).
A clean and minimal design that draws attention to the products. Aims to also create a positive shopping experience.
The site features a scoring system that will inform buyers of the sustainability rating of a product and motivate brands to set higher goals.
How YasaShe operates as a business and acts as a solution to making ethical fashion goods more accessible.
Infographic of unethical business practices in the fashion industry.

Buyers who care about style and responsible consumption of fashion goods are looking for alternative ways to shop, but ethical clothing stores are difficult to find. A majority of stores sell either undesirable garments or garments that are not work-appropriate. Additionally, online shopping experiences are often negative.


Created an online shop that curates work appropriate and stylish garments from ethical brands while designing a delightful shopping experience. Set up a sustainability rating system that will motivate brands to set higher goals. Encourage shoppers to tweet or sign petitions to show the growing demand for ethical clothes.