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Illuminate is a system to inform and educate residents of the Roasedale Community in Kansas City. The intent of the illuminate campaign is to encourage a community to use their voice and band together to not only no longer allow crime but be educated so that they may prevent it. In an effort to raise awareness about crime and advocate for community connectivity, Illuminate unites a community together through five stages of interaction. The community will be informed, educated, and called to action through prevention.

Matthew Jacobs

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November 27, 2012
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The community will be introduced to the system through five different touch-points. This will allow for a relationship to build as well as walk the community through each phase in a personal way.
The first stage informs the community of the issue. They are given a flashlight that contains a story from a community member. It alerts them and gives them a tool to begin the empowerment over crime.
An additional stage of the system allows residents to illuminate their voice on crime through lighting up their street and alerting the community that they are buying in and taking a stand on crime.
As the stages continue, community members are called together to allow their voice to be met by the rest of their community in order to unite and amplify their voice.
Each stage provides functional tools that reminds residents of their new perspective on crime. This reminds each member of the power of their voice and their responsibility to the community.

Through research and communication with residence of Rosedale, Illuminate serves to provide unity and engagement on the issue of crime where there was not before. Residents are currently uninformed on crime and unable to facilitate action or prevention.


Illuminate provides information where residents are able to learn more about the issue. Once they are informed, the solution begins through their active participation in the system. Upon initial participation, they will be educated so their fight will be well informed. Through their education they can now act and prevent.