Rosedale: Who & How

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This is a two-part initiative to unite the citizens of Rosedale under a single visual identity that they can take pride in and that can represent them positively to the outside community, all while helping to facilitate communication between the neighborhood's many organizations & resources and the community members that they serve. This is divided into 6 components: a new identity system, environmental implementations, supporting materials, a promotional video, a kit of parts for branding further video productions, and a Rosedale guide booklet of resources and directories.
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December 11, 2012
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This Rosedale Handbook acts as a tool to facilitate communication for the community, providing them with further information about what Rosedale has to offer, where to locate resources, who to contact for specific information, and more. This handbook uses content specific icons and a colored index for an easier read for the diverse community.
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This is a logo build for the Rosedale mark. This can be used to help brand any footage or promotional materials that Rosedale produces.
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An emotional exploration of what makes Rosedale the community that it is, culminating in the introduction of the new logomark.

Rosedale citizens in general feel good about their community, while those outside were more likely to express distaste. Community branding can have a positive effect on both audiences. The task was to encourage positivity and unity in the Rosedale neighborhood, as well as connecting residents with available resources.


A simple, bold icon was created to unify the community by appearing on environmental signage and supporting materials such as stickers. A short film and animated logo-build were produced to introduce the community to the brand, and a communications handbook collected pertinent neighborhood information.