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In September of 2011, Rosedale, a small, Kansas City community, outlined a plan called the Green Corridor Master Plan. The plan aims to reshape the surrounding area along a once thriving, 3.9 mile stretch of Southwest Boulevard. This development aids in the growth of the environmental, social, and even economic qualities around the street, as well as provides the community with a goal they can work in harmony to achieve. I've collaborated with the community's Safe Routes Team, to concept and develop tools for a visual campaign advocating for a bus line along southwest blvd. Where would you go and what would you do, if you could Bus The Blvd?
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November 28, 2012
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This opinion prompt card would allow community members a place to express their feelings about the future of the community with the proposed bus line. Once completed the cards are displayed in public.
This publicly displayed opinion space prompts community members to post their answers to the question, "Where would you go and what would you do if you could Bus the Blvd?"
The campaigns homepage features a photograph of the historic Southwest Blvd, the proposed bus location. The street serves as a main artery, connecting the Rosedale community with downtown Kansas City.
Here is a look of the typographic styles applied to video clip lower thirds.
This screen of the website shows how local government leaders could view short documentaries of community members speaking about their lives without public transportation.

In order to actually obtain a bus line the Green Corridor Master Plan will need support. Public transportation is far from profitable and requires government funding in order to survive. The the community needs to illustrate its desire/need for such a resource by framing emotional stories from its community members.


Bus the Blvd is a campaign created to obtain and share these emotional stories. The campaign utilizes both large scale opinion spaces, as well as a website, designed to aggregate varies sources of qualitative information then creating an emotional persuasive argument aimed at key decisions makers through video interviews.