Healthy Kids Club Curriculum

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For this project we wanted to work with the Healthy Kids Club (HKC) of Rosedale, KS. We began by looking at their current curriculum and found the problem they faced was communication and continuing what the students learned in HKC at home.

Erica Downing
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November 28, 2012
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point system board, class point tracker board, take-home personal tracker board, stickers. The point systems creates and incentive for kids to participate.
customizable folders in which students can keep Healthy Kids Club documents Both plastic and paper folders are displayed to provide two cost options.
inside of highest-cost (color print) folder. Each folder houses different activities (cooking, exercise, discussion), a personal point tracker, and point stickers.
color examples of activity sheets
other printing options: grayscale on white paper, black & white version with write-in space on colored paper, black & white version with type-in template

We first began by asking ourselves, Over an extended period of time, how can the Healthy Kids Club of Rosedale, KS encourage and allow children and their families to relay health information to each other to create a healthier lifestyle.


We developed a set of assignments and a point system for the children to use in HKC and then take home with them to use with their families. The assignments hit on three main categories, exercise, recipes, and discussion. The activities are designed to allow the parents to become more involved with their children and HKC.