POP UP PARK: Imagine. Create. Play.

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The Pop up Park allows children to do what they do best — imagine, create, and play. This traveling tub of fun encourages children to collaboratively create games through a series of prompts using limited equipment and emphasizing creative play. The Pop Up Park consists of low budget Play Tubs. These containers have found objects as well as conventional recreational objects such as rubber balls and cones. The tubs would be distributed across the community allowing volunteers and parents to moderate play sessions. Fliers and a blog organize park sessions, exchange contact information, and keep participants current on upcoming events and news.

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November 28, 2012
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Multiple totes are circulated around town between volunteers and parents who are willing to supervise a play session.
Fliers are a relatively inexpensive way to let the community know when and where the even is happening.
a set of cards inside of the totes guide children through the process of creating a pop up park session. The series of cards provide suggestions to stir up ideas; the outcome is completely open ended
the blog organizes events, lets people get involved, and create awareness.
Pop Up Park- nov 15: Our boundaries were the sidewalk and fencing. We used a series of rubber balls that could be thrown or kicked while rounding the place mats we used as bases.

Rosedale, a Kansas City community, lacks Park and recreational resources. In fact, the few playgrounds standing, failed safety assessments given by the city. This lack may be one of many contributing factors to the 51% childhood obesity rate. There are however, a number of vacant lots ready to be used.


Pop Up Parks throughout the community occupy unused open spaces. Tubs full of potential allow children to transform any environment into a playground by conjuring up games through a set of prompts. First Pick the equipment. Next choose actions, such hopping & throwing. Set goals and boundaries to start the play session.