Courage NYC

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Courage NYC was created for the LGBT youth program at The LGBT Center in NY. They are Customizable badges of courage, inspired by the Wizard of Oz's Cowardly Lion finding out courage was within him all along. Coming out is only the first part, the badges are meant to symbolize the courage it takes to own who you are in the LGBT community.
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June 18, 2013
  • Trans
This video has been removed.

The project started in Stefan Sagmeister's assignment 'Can Design Touch a Community's Heart' as part of his cornerstone course 'Can Design Touch Someone's Heart' course at SVA's Designer as Author and Entrepreneur.


Although these day I walk tall and strong as a gay person, it was not always like that. I looked back at my own coming out and saw that I really didn't have a community to guide me. In my research I found The LGBT Center in NYC and their Youth program. Through my research I developed these badges for their activity group.