Project C: Clicking Creates Change

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Project C’s mission is to create a collection of multimedia stories that inform, inspire and encourage individuals to become involved in their own local community. Members of our community can go online and nominate their favorite Athens, Ohio nonprofit (at Once the nomination process is over, Project C will begin production of multimedia stories for the four organizations with the most nominations. Collaborating with students across campus, we use audio, video, written word, and inforgraphic design to tell the stories of these organizations to the Athens community at large.
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May 30, 2013
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Project C's mission is to create a multimedia-based project that informs, inspires, and calls its audience to become more involved in their local community.
Every year, four nonprofits are nominated and featured on the Project C website,
An infographic telling the story of Rural Action's watershed restoration. Infographics like this one, audio, video, and written word are all used to tell the stories of Athens, Ohio nonprofits.
Project C is currently accepting nominations for Athens, Ohio nonprofits at We will feature the four organizations with the most nominations.
This video has been removed.
Get ready for Project C 2013! Nominations are open until Feb. 1st, 2013 at

The goal of Project C is to inform community members in Athens, Ohio of the positive work local nonprofits are doing. The challenge is growing awareness, raising funds to distribute to the organizations, and bridging a gap between our university and our community by inspiring direct involvement with the nonprofits.


We use multimedia storytelling on our website to tell compelling stories of nonprofits and offer direct ways for community members to take action and get involved. This includes information graphics on programs and services offered by the nonprofit, specific ways to volunteer, and contact information for each organization.