Mobile Letterpress: Proof of Concept

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This past year as part of my graduate school study I built a letterpress studio for York College of PA, where I teach graphic design. I hold an open event every 1st Friday of the month. 400 people have visited my studio. Public reaction has been very favorable, but I want to reach out & share this experience with the community beyond 1st Fridays and those willing to visit the arts district. To incite more interest, I want to compress the essential parts of a letterpress shop into a small mobile unit. A master printmaker expressed to me, “Any type of art that was once commercial and becomes dead, then that’s when it really becomes beautiful.”

Troy Patterson
717 815 6652

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June 18, 2013
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GIVE do not covet IDEAS. This sums up my feeling in that I want to share ideas and my work.
Prints make people HAPPY. Unlike a laser printer letterpress is tactile, real and human.
Make with Wonder. I make prints with a variety of materials. This paper is from a swatch book circa 1982. The type is wood type, metal type and type from cars, I call it Autotype™
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This is a graduate school study. I am interested in the meaning of the prefix RE. Featuring the letters R E hand cut from scrap plywood in my garage and handset wood type.

I will transport the mobile studio to high schools, design communities and art centers to demonstrate the process and history of this lost art. With funding cuts in art programs in public school systems I want to take the field trip to the schools.


This small scale movable letterpress studio is a proof of concept for a larger project. Should the movable lab prove useful and viable, I intend to scale up to a more complete studio on wheels. My long term goal is to re-purpose and refurbish an ambulance as a large scale movable letterpress studio.