Dress Code

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Dress Code is my Master's Thesis project for the MFA Graphic Design program at Academy of Art University. It's an online resource whose aim is to turn the average fashion consumer into a conscious fashion consumer. Tutorials, quizzes, infographics, challenges and maps encourage user involvement on and off the computer, and a maintenance kit provides products that aid in clothing maintenance, promoting longevity. Dress Code's audience is the average American fashion consumer, aged 18 to 35 years old. He or she has a cursory understanding of the need for better practices in fashion, but has not taken action to enact improvement in their closet.
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May 30, 2013
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Pieces from the Dress Code Maintenance Kit prototypes, to be sold on the website.
Detail of an infographic.
Online tutorials.
Dress Code identity.
This video has been removed.
A short video introducing Dress Code.

While the quest for sustainability has taken most of the world by storm, it has yet to pervasively reach the fashion world. Current practices are neither economically nor environmentally sustainable, yet the cycle seems to quicken. Dress Code seeks to pave the way for a widespread movement of conscious fashion consumerism.


Dress Code provides the tools and resources that make a conscious mindset easy, fun, and desirable. The site provides tutorials, quizzes, infographics, kits, challenges & maps that encourage user involvement, on and off the computer.