Sustaining SF: Modern Heirlooms

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As pioneering participants of Design Ignites Change, MFA School of Fashion students recently embarked on a semester long project to create collections that were low impact and socially aware. Working in teams, four collections were developed across the disciplines of Design, 3D, Textiles, and Knitwear. Each team was asked to create a collection of modern heirlooms and leave behind a legacy for successors to build upon like a Wiki. Attention was given to efficiency of materials and processes as well as the impacts their choices have on others and our world.

Sara Kozlowski

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May 30, 2013
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MFA School of Fashion Students Create Sustainable Collections
HWTT “Slow fashion by subscription; limited edition & modular” Regina Pirrie,Stephanie Gelot,Maria Korovilas,Erin Rea,Minha Yoon, Sponsorship: Vermont Organic Fiber Co/O-Wool, Harmony Arts
PI “Urban nomadic living”Jonathan Baker,Tessa Guerra,Vicki Yang, Louie Greaves, Nimma Sethi,Sydney Chang Sponsorship Vermont Organic Wool Fiber, Jimtex,Weston Wear(cutting room waste)
N78 “Our mission is to change the paradigm of the industry towards sustainable fashion” Camilla Olsen,Tim Choi,Jungah Lee,Raquel Godinez,Holly Smith; Sponsorship: ISDA, Iris Glass
1OAK Transforms discarded hospital scrubs into dresses with local pleating & finishing; Priscilla Guimarais,KumikoHaruyama,NuiTanapornwattana,AudreyWang,TramaineTillman Donation: Landau Uniforms

Thinking locally, teams were challenged to innovate aesthetically while addressing social & economic value. Ecological impacts of “fast fashion” were analyzed to provoke informed design choices.Teams were asked to evoke positive, meaningful change while seeking opportunities to sustain local Bay Area business.


Four distinct collections were produced.Teams also proposed a business model & implementation strategy including plans for service elements, distribution, retail concepts, marketing tactics, and staffing; future labor and production practices were considered through analysis of each collection’s intended lifecycles.

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